Monday, 29 September 2008

making the most of........

So Steve made something or other out of wood and had some very small left overs. They were saved in one of our boxes until i had a bright idea. There is a Waldorf Steiner saying " nimble fingers make nimble minds" this has always stuck with me. I wanted to encourage barney and Florence to use their fingers in detailed play. Steve drilled a hole through all the little bits of wood and i found some copper wire. It makes the perfect toy. Barney loves to carefully thread the wire through the holes. I also had some curtain rings hanging about that Florence can thread ribbon through. I love to see free things used for creative play. Barney is also getting to grips with scissors and is loving watching all the little bits float to the floor. hours of fun!!!! well at least five minutes anyway.....

Saturday, 27 September 2008

More wood walks..

Yet another beautiful day that had to be enjoyed. We found some acorns and ate some of that lovely apple cake. Israel insisted she be seen on the blog so here she is in all her glory. She sits on the right.

And here is Barney practising for his role as Clint Eastwood !!

Friday, 26 September 2008

Fast food...

What a beautiful day, it just couldn't be wasted. Rufus was a little bored today so the idea of picking apples out of the tree was a swell idea to him.

There wasn't a huge crop this year but enough for us. I managed to peel and cut and stew all the apples in one hour. What an achievement!!!
I decided to make one apple cake and save the rest for.......well probably tomorrow.

So it took two hours for these apples to go from the tree to the that's fast food!!

Thursday, 25 September 2008

New traditions

At home we are bringing the outside in...its a new tradition for us.I am trying to make a conscious effort to allow the kids to bring in their treasures and allow time to focus and explore them. We have already added to our collection with the horse chestnuts we gathered today. Rufus also like to bring in crunchy leaves. There is such a lovely mixture at the moment of autumn change and leftover summer treats. Isn't this passionflower amazing? Florence is using all her self-control not to pull off those little stems.

wood walk..

What a special day we had enjoying the last days of summer. We kicked the leaves and found black beetles. The air smelt sweet with fresh cut grass. Conkers lay on the floor and crunched under our feet. Here are my lovely babes and a very small beetle...

Wednesday, 24 September 2008


You simply must check out Amy Butlers web site its completely divine and there is lots of inspiration to be found..enjoy!!!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Ahh memories...

I picked this Sarah Kay top up in my local H&M and it did bring back some memories, I remember a night dress that one of my sister had and i loved it so much.

Monday, 22 September 2008

What a gift....

You simply must check out this site..this person truly has an amazing gift. This is definitely an ambition of mine. I would love to be able to create something so special

A summer Dress..

So i completely fell in love with this material, it was just crying out to be made into a girls dress. I went into a very expensive store and saw this dress that was very over priced and simple to make so i think I'll give it a go. I have bought this green lining material because it contrasts so well and I'm going to have a go at bias taping for the first time...can't wait!!!!


So i found this fabric in my favourite material shop and looking at it transported me back to my childhood. It reminds me of a William Morris design that was so popular when i was younger. I am hesitant to cut it up at the moment because it seems such a shame but I'm sure that feeling will pass when i find just the right project for it......

Saturday, 20 September 2008


I was a bit stuck for a project yesterday and found just the right amount of fabric in my box. I wasn't sure if this fabric was going to be too clown but i went for it anyway...hey when you need to sow you need to sow.
I wasn't sure how much i loved them until i put them on Florence. She looks so cute in them and they fit her perfectly. I cannot believe how easy they were to make, i just copied them off another pair she has and made them bigger to give them some puff!! The only mistake i made was that i didn't buy enough elastic but i improvised and they are a success.. Sorry about the poor picture quality that is something i haven't got to grips with yet.

Thursday, 18 September 2008


This is the dress that is causing commotion in my head at the moment. i find it very inspiring. The skirt i made in an earlier post was a result of trying to copy this one. It is just so unusual and very pretty. I especially like it with these purple tights too.

potatoe confetti

So here i am trying to get the kids more interested in food, peeling potatoes ,that's got to be a good place to would think wouldn't you???

Rufus came in with great gusto and for a minute there i was quite impressed until he tried to make potato sculpture!!!!!! It was lovely to see him enthusiastically peeling away very proud of himself for reducing the size of it by half....but not great for my budget or making perfect chip size pieces. thankfully the novelty wore off and he excused himself pretty quickly" mummy this is hard work, I'm done." i cant say i was overly disappointed either. But hey at least we both made the effort to do something wholesome, together!!!!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

phasing out naps....

So its that scary time when we decide to give up naps...the day sure seems long when you have no break without babies. But its alot harder than just giving them up, i mean you can't go out in the car after two o,clock because they will fall asleep to close too bed time. You cant sit down to watch a movie either because that couch is far to comfy.
In my experience a child who hasn't napped is close to as bad as it gets in the home. We have been trying very hard not to let Barney take naps for the past few weeks but sure enough when the school run takes place his head starts dropping down and he's going..going...gone...Today i actually sat him up on the couch to wake him up but he just dropped his head back down like a tired old man and when i pulled him off the couch he just flopped his head was actually quite sweet..So i guess for a little while i will let him indulge in that precious little snooze cos at the end of the day, i rather like it too..

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

more baby wipes required.....

So i am ashamed to say the whole time we have been living in this house i have not once aloud the babes to play with either play-doh or paint " how can you be so cruel" i hear you say. It is simple, i hate everything about it! i mean aren't there other ways to help babies explore creativeness without using up a whole box of wet wipes. And know one has designed an attachment for my vacuum cleaner that can pick out play-doh from the crevices of my carpet. So need i say more? Well i guess you are right, they do really love it don't they? After alot of thought and struggling i decided that maybe i could stretch to a painting session just once to see how it goes. I don't think i could have been more prepared unless i put them in a restricted area with top to toe overalls. I had my trusty baby wipes to hand and a tub of water ready for painted hands. Ha! that's a laugh! painted hands would have been easy. Florence decided that it was better as a mid-morning snack, yuck. But OK i admit it wasn't as dreadful as i expected and they really did like it and i was only cleaning paint off the chairs for a few weeks after.....
Humm, maybe i should try chalk!!!!

Monday, 15 September 2008

comfy bums...

I cannot admit to being a mum who loves bedtime, it is perhaps one of he most difficult times of my day. I am usually tired and am not at all interested in reading or long cuddles. We also have to kids under three who don't seem to have got the whole going to sleep bit !!!!! So i thought how can i make reading time fun and interesting to me? as shallow as it may sound making a couple of reading cushions was my least if i have to read that DK farm book for the millionth time i can a least gaze at my own handy work and figure out how to make it better or be inspired for another design...

So my son Barnabas is completely obsessed with jigsaws, he will do almost everyone we have every day. I thought i would do a jigsaw theme but first i practised on a piece of material i use for experiments. It is a good idea to have a piece of fabric for this reason as it is very disappointing to start of a project on a new bit of material and then realise it is not going to work out. for my daughter Florence i went for a doll theme. I wanted to make it look like a child's drawing so it is all out of proportion. This also a good thing because it hides the fact that i cant draw to save my life



box of delights

So i have this neighbour who happens to be a dress maker, she previously made alot of wedding dresses but has grown tired of it so she gave me a huge box of fabric mostly from wedding gowns she had left over..i have absolutely no idea what i will do with all of it but for the moment i am happy looking at it and pondering. In this box was a 1/2 yard of corduroy in black, i wasted no time planning what to do with it.I think i must of seen it somewhere else but i thought i would try a skirt for Florence with felt flowers. I cut out the flowers which was very simple and made a basic gathered skirt with waste band. Unfortunately it wasn't quite long enough for her so i added a strip of red gingham along the bottom... i love it!! its unusual to see small girls in black but i think it looks great and the flowers have come out a treat. i haven't got a picture of Florence wearing it because unlike soule mama i cant get my babies to stand still for me. so you will have to make do with this one..

do we get some of that cake mummy??

And the answer to that question is always NO. i have started making cakes for birthdays and am actually getting paid for it.."what a dream" and this one was commissioned by a very good Friend of mine for her daughters 4th birthday and the only request was ballerinas. I was very lucky to have free rain on the rest of the design and it got my creative juices going for days ( and nights) I have to say it came out exactly how i planned it and looked amazing. I covered a basic Victoria sponge in peach butter ice-ing and white chocolate cigarillos (check those out they are dead posh) I have made quite a few cakes for different people and the kids are getting very fed up with me showing them off without them being aloud to dive in so now i have to make two cakes, one for us and one for sale..but hey! I'm not complaining, its very yummy!!

handbags and gladrags

"five more minutes please" is something my children often say to me when they don't want to go to bed or they cant bare to leave a friends house..but i find myself increasingly saying the same thing as i attempt to finish my sowing projects or ice a cake. The biggest passion i have at the moment is exploring other peoples blogs, i just cant get enough of Sandi hendersons site or grand revival designs. I have to admit that blogging is a total obsession right now for me and it is really keeping me inspired to treasure my time at home and use my time creatively. Martha

So here is my first ever post..i have recently been inspired to make a bag and i did look through alot of patterns and sought inspiration from other blogs. But i do have a very bad weakness and that is for my designs to be as simple as possible, i cant stand the idea of a project being so complicated it takes me more than two days to complete. I like my projects to have a very quick reward so i can parade them around the house or over my shoulder.

So my bag is a reversible bag and i have used heather bailey material. it is extremely simple(of coarse) and i have used two different patterns. i think the next one i make will be different because i am not entirely happy with the seams, i found it quite hard to join it as it was reversible.