Monday, 15 September 2008

box of delights

So i have this neighbour who happens to be a dress maker, she previously made alot of wedding dresses but has grown tired of it so she gave me a huge box of fabric mostly from wedding gowns she had left over..i have absolutely no idea what i will do with all of it but for the moment i am happy looking at it and pondering. In this box was a 1/2 yard of corduroy in black, i wasted no time planning what to do with it.I think i must of seen it somewhere else but i thought i would try a skirt for Florence with felt flowers. I cut out the flowers which was very simple and made a basic gathered skirt with waste band. Unfortunately it wasn't quite long enough for her so i added a strip of red gingham along the bottom... i love it!! its unusual to see small girls in black but i think it looks great and the flowers have come out a treat. i haven't got a picture of Florence wearing it because unlike soule mama i cant get my babies to stand still for me. so you will have to make do with this one..

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Sophie said...

Wow I love it.... the skirt and the blog. Glad to see you are being creative as i know that is life giving to you.
Am going to enjoy reading this one....
love you
Sophie xx