Monday, 15 September 2008

do we get some of that cake mummy??

And the answer to that question is always NO. i have started making cakes for birthdays and am actually getting paid for it.."what a dream" and this one was commissioned by a very good Friend of mine for her daughters 4th birthday and the only request was ballerinas. I was very lucky to have free rain on the rest of the design and it got my creative juices going for days ( and nights) I have to say it came out exactly how i planned it and looked amazing. I covered a basic Victoria sponge in peach butter ice-ing and white chocolate cigarillos (check those out they are dead posh) I have made quite a few cakes for different people and the kids are getting very fed up with me showing them off without them being aloud to dive in so now i have to make two cakes, one for us and one for sale..but hey! I'm not complaining, its very yummy!!

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