Wednesday, 17 September 2008

phasing out naps....

So its that scary time when we decide to give up naps...the day sure seems long when you have no break without babies. But its alot harder than just giving them up, i mean you can't go out in the car after two o,clock because they will fall asleep to close too bed time. You cant sit down to watch a movie either because that couch is far to comfy.
In my experience a child who hasn't napped is close to as bad as it gets in the home. We have been trying very hard not to let Barney take naps for the past few weeks but sure enough when the school run takes place his head starts dropping down and he's going..going...gone...Today i actually sat him up on the couch to wake him up but he just dropped his head back down like a tired old man and when i pulled him off the couch he just flopped his head was actually quite sweet..So i guess for a little while i will let him indulge in that precious little snooze cos at the end of the day, i rather like it too..

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Sophie said...

Mmmmm I'm with Barnny it looks VERY good right now! Wonderful slumberland..