Monday, 15 September 2008

handbags and gladrags

"five more minutes please" is something my children often say to me when they don't want to go to bed or they cant bare to leave a friends house..but i find myself increasingly saying the same thing as i attempt to finish my sowing projects or ice a cake. The biggest passion i have at the moment is exploring other peoples blogs, i just cant get enough of Sandi hendersons site or grand revival designs. I have to admit that blogging is a total obsession right now for me and it is really keeping me inspired to treasure my time at home and use my time creatively. Martha

So here is my first ever post..i have recently been inspired to make a bag and i did look through alot of patterns and sought inspiration from other blogs. But i do have a very bad weakness and that is for my designs to be as simple as possible, i cant stand the idea of a project being so complicated it takes me more than two days to complete. I like my projects to have a very quick reward so i can parade them around the house or over my shoulder.

So my bag is a reversible bag and i have used heather bailey material. it is extremely simple(of coarse) and i have used two different patterns. i think the next one i make will be different because i am not entirely happy with the seams, i found it quite hard to join it as it was reversible.

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