Wednesday, 29 October 2008


So i think i finally cracked it..after several attempts i decided to design my own pattern instead of copying and it worked really well..i think!! these are both presents for Xmas for two little girls..

Monday, 27 October 2008

defeated by softies..

Well I'm ashamed to admit it i am defeated by these softies teddies. I have made several attempts to make them and if you don't know what they are look at my 1st attempt i completely forgot to put ears on so he looked pretty bad. we call him phys co Sid. My second attempt was OK until i filled her and she was just too big so i took out the the stuffing in her tummy and we call her flat Sam! last night was attempt 3.... well it was all looking pretty hopeful until she was stuffed and her head was too big and kept flopping back. ggrrrr this is really starting to annoy me now...also the fabric is a loose weave and seems to pull easily....when you look at these softies you would think they are easy but this is JUST NOT TRUE.......after i have pulled myself together i will of coarse be trying number 5 "what happened to number 4 " you say..oh don't get me was all going pretty well until i dyed it AS INSTRUCTED ON WEB SITE....and it ruined it..booo hoo....i know i should really lay it to rest but i just can't i have the bug and that's that...they all look pretty sad don't they? actually i think they look like one of those criminal line ups which is quite funny.....did you see one of these at the bank robbery last night??? that E.T looking girl looks pretty suspicious...

Monday, 20 October 2008

you can say that again......

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

our own thanksgiving..

Years ago our family used to go and visit an American family we knew. They would usually invite us for thanksgiving and it was such a treat. Its a real shame that we don't celebrate it here in England in the same way. My good friend over the road popped in with a huge pumpkin on Saturday and i decided we were going to celebrate the best part..pumpkin pie...The babes got stuck in helping me scoop and wash the seeds. The result was delicious and although the kids are very suspicious of something that looks like a mud pie i am having no trouble in finishing it off.....there goes the diet!

Monday, 13 October 2008

left overs

This denim was left over from a skirt i messed about with for myself and u can see it in an earlier post. it was just the right length for Florence. I added a lovely piece of lilac paisley along the bottom and I'm so pleased with it. i love the way something simple can become so special with just a piece of fabric..

A time to.....

A time to sit quietly

A time to hug

A time to wait

A time to rummage
A time to pose

A time to enjoy a view

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

are you going to touch that cow pat or shall i?

A completely lovely and hot day.

And i'm pretty sure we made the most of it....

Anything tasty in there old chap???

Monday, 6 October 2008

wild with excitment

Have you ever seen one of those films where the couple throw everything off the surface to make wild passionate love? Well it made me laugh when i did the very same thing myself today!! and no i haven't turned into Sharon stone. It was the pure excitement of beginning a new project that turned me wild..For all the time i tell the kids to put things away before they start something new it takes all my self control to patiently clear up and organise before i start. My impatience was triggered by the arrival of a parcel this morning that i have been waiting patiently for. This parcel came all the way from Holland and it holds the gift we are giving to Florence this Xmas.
We have a theme for Xmas year, its "make or do".I wanted to inject Xmas with a bit of creative spirit and getting back to real giving. I figured that everyone can either make or do something for someone,even the kids. So i have been a busy bee starting off my projects and of coarse its extra special because i get the pleasure of making and giving. These are two of my favourite things so I'm made up this year. It also gives me lots of reasons to visit fabric shops...
I will show you the project for Florence in a later blog because if I'm honest i want to start on it this minute. So watch this space....

Friday, 3 October 2008

new home.

It maybe a little premature but here are some pics of our new home(hopefully) . this first view is of the conservatory leading from the dining room. and above the master bedroom.

the second picture is of the sitting room window. You just miss the double doors in this picture that lead onto a patio.

This third picture is of the kitchen window and back door. The two window on the far side are the garage windows

brain wave..

My good friend Sarah came over yesterday with a nice surprise..a bag full of clothes for the kids but best of all a denim skirt for me.She hadn't worn it because it was too long. Originally i thought i would cut it up to make other things and then i suddenly thought, what about chopping off the bottom to make a knee length skirt. I have some William Morris fabric i have been saving and it went perfectly along the bottom. I am so pleased with the result. Its the perfect length but also unique. I can see i will get allot of use out of it.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

completly in love..

My favourite store right now is a fabric shop in Exeter where i found this luscious material. I'm completely in love with it. I can't bear to cut it up yet but i think it will end up as curtain material in my new home...It was a bargain at £3.99 per metre so i bought the whole roll. Yes i know..slightly extravagant!!