Monday, 27 October 2008

defeated by softies..

Well I'm ashamed to admit it i am defeated by these softies teddies. I have made several attempts to make them and if you don't know what they are look at my 1st attempt i completely forgot to put ears on so he looked pretty bad. we call him phys co Sid. My second attempt was OK until i filled her and she was just too big so i took out the the stuffing in her tummy and we call her flat Sam! last night was attempt 3.... well it was all looking pretty hopeful until she was stuffed and her head was too big and kept flopping back. ggrrrr this is really starting to annoy me now...also the fabric is a loose weave and seems to pull easily....when you look at these softies you would think they are easy but this is JUST NOT TRUE.......after i have pulled myself together i will of coarse be trying number 5 "what happened to number 4 " you say..oh don't get me was all going pretty well until i dyed it AS INSTRUCTED ON WEB SITE....and it ruined it..booo hoo....i know i should really lay it to rest but i just can't i have the bug and that's that...they all look pretty sad don't they? actually i think they look like one of those criminal line ups which is quite funny.....did you see one of these at the bank robbery last night??? that E.T looking girl looks pretty suspicious...

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