Sunday, 30 November 2008

ive got a secret......

I remember a book i used to read as a child about a girl who has a secret and won't tell...thats how i feel at the moment about all the stuff i'm preparing for my sale. All the stuff is being carefully stored in bags in my room waiting for the big day..i guess its the childish need in me to say "ta-da!!" and wait for the oohs and I'm afraid my posts are going to be a little boring. I know there is nothing worse than posts without pictures so i will try and find other things to show you instead.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

door stops

I am doing my very first sale and display of my stuff in a few weeks and this is something I'm going to sell. They are partly full of sand and the rest stuffing with a lovely bright name tag for a handle...

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I had a revelation recently..well maybe that's a bit dramatic but it was definitely a good idea. I always find it difficult to decide to go for new or old when it comes to clothes for the kids especially when old doesn't always mean i was very excited the other day when i realised it doesn't matter because when they grow out of them i can recycle them into new things like teddies or blankets..this gave me an excuse to get Flo a jumper i really like and i just can't enough of this one. All thes tones are just to good to resisit...

Friday, 21 November 2008


So as you can imagine hand sewing nearly two metres of fabric on two sides and the rest is a little tiresome so its a big relief to be able to fast track with a sewing machine..I have finally completed my first x mas project and now I'm on a roll. Now all i need is to fill all these pockets up without the babies catching on and pinching the lot....should be fun..


Yes the day finally arrived last week when i picked up my first, very own, sewing machine. Its a second hand Jenome 6500, but its just 4 years old and works like a dream.

this sewing machine has more stitches than i have ideas ( yeah right!!). But as you can can imagine I'm a happy bunny.

Monday, 17 November 2008

A nice spread for a nice spread....

So here is my quilted table run completed . I would say it is great for hot casseroles and saucepans but i will make a thinner one for lighter things...

Friday, 14 November 2008

a cosy for a pot....

I have dear friend who bought herself a tea pot recently. I couldn't help notice it was missing a crucial friend. A tea cosy!! never fear Mrs maker is here!!!!!!! i got to work immediately and plotted a plan. What a surprise felt came to my aid yet again. I first made one for myself to perfect the pattern and i just wanted one. I also made it two different colours either side. I am glad to say the lady in question was as pleased to receive it as i was to make it, so another job well done for Mrs maker.........

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A nice spread..

So i was checking out the Purl Bee blog and was inspired to make a table run that will protect the table from heat. I "ummed and ahhhed" over the choice of fabric and in the end went for something that will hide tomato sauce well as that seems to be the biggest trouble maker for stains. I have used 2ounce wadding and am adding my own little touch too. I also plan on doing a Xmas themed table runner and have had a brain wave about that this space for that one.

a new boy..

One of my friends has just popped out a lovely boy and while he was tucked up nicely in her belly i created a softie for him and surprisingly it worked out. He is called Sid and is made out of Amy Butler fabric....

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

festive projects

I try to have large projects on the go at the same time as doing my daily ones that keep me happy. My on going one lately has been for Xmas. It is a huge advent calender which will have enough in each pocket for everyone. So that is seven sweets each day. This a rather large advent and I'm hoping we will find a space big enough in December. The pockets are all made out of felt which is as all ways lovely to use. Now i have to get cracking to finish it.......thats the tough part.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

what a talent..

there aren't many days when i appreciate Steve's (husband) love for tools. they just don't do anything for me but i sure do appreciate them when they help me achieve my creative project's. So i got this idea from the Martha Stewart site and they turned out really great. We are still enjoying them the next day and as many as i can make them go for. HALLOWEEN was a success and it was great to have a party with friends and enjoy watching the kids act horrific (which lets face it isn't that unusual) The kids seem to get just as excited about it this year as Xmas. Now we are all set for the Xmas preparation's .........bring it on!!!!!