Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I had a revelation recently..well maybe that's a bit dramatic but it was definitely a good idea. I always find it difficult to decide to go for new or old when it comes to clothes for the kids especially when old doesn't always mean cheap..so i was very excited the other day when i realised it doesn't matter because when they grow out of them i can recycle them into new things like teddies or blankets..this gave me an excuse to get Flo a jumper i really like and i just can't enough of this one. All thes tones are just to good to resisit...

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Sophie said...

I fell in love with it the minute the page opened....but then you knew i would. Gorgeous.....and a great revelation and excuse to realise that everything can be used for more than one purpose in its life time.
Love the pics.....beautiful
Love to you xx