Wednesday, 10 December 2008

"12th of december"

"On the 12th of December i had my first stall"

"Five quirky tea cosy's

Four long aprons

Three pink door stops

Five decorated cushions

Three going out bags

One tiny softies

Three PVC shopping bags

One painted poster by mum,

And a very worn out Martha"


abigail said...

well i'm blown away by your talent. i hope they are too? don't under charge yourself.
it's a great idea putting this teaser up so people can see what the want to buy

Sophie said...

You have out done yourself.
Well done....I hope you get loads of Oohs and Ahhs 2morrow, you deserve it. I'll be thinking of you.

Rachael Barham said...

Wow, Martha!! I love your stuff!! Abigail told me you'd had an amazing burst of creativity, and I can see why! What a gift you have... Enjoy! And Happy Christmas!!