Monday, 26 January 2009

a touch of class

As you know i have been on major" tart up"mode around the house and what better way than to spruce up some old towels. I had some very grey old ones lying about that i never use and used some dye i had a bought a while ago. I chose a very busy fabric to sew onto them and i am very pleased with the result. I would recomend useing a less sretchy fabric as it was a little tricky to sew on. Now i just need to paint the kitchen to match....ummm, that doesn't seem the best way round to approach it but oh well!!

hours of fun...

So our little boy, Barney is becoming quite a character. He has this obsession with little things of all shapes and sizes. Things he can stack or line up. Things he can arrange in piles or colour co-ordination. It is lovely to watch him happy for hours lying on the floor with his latest game although it takes a great deal of patience when it comes to tidying up..

Saturday, 24 January 2009

What a clever chap....

My brother in law Rogier has a real gift with the camera and we were lucky enough to acquire one of his pictures. I have admired this one for a while, it is so simple but has great atmosphere. To see it hanging against our yummy red wall is a tasteful site and i am sure will give us pleasure for a while yet....

Pixie feet.....

So as we have this luscious new carpet i am trying to start some positive habits around here.

Slippers are the first steps to keeping little feet warm and floors clean. Yes i could have bought a load from the shop but i thought i would give making my own a go. I have used interlining on the bottom of the sole and used felt for the rest. I actually think they are not too bad for a first attempt.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

a genious in our midst....

So it seems the people who made Stonehenge weren't so unusual after all. We have our own budding sculpture genius in the house and as long as we don't shake the table he is happy for hours.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Thursday, 15 January 2009


I have been lucky enough to spend some time in T k max recently and picked up some bargains. The black embossed lamp has a twisted wooden base and is monsoon which at full price in B & Q was £69.99 but in T k max was only £12 BARGAIN.... The two red lamp's were a real treat and will finish off the living room perfectly...YEEEHAAAA... This is a women blissfuly can't get better than this.


After a great deal of thought and gazing i chose my scheme.... its kind of cream,black, dark blue and a deep red called forbidden fruit.... I was lucky enough to be seduced into a shop i wouldn't normally go near because the fabric's are very expensive... My mum and my grandmother and I were like starving lion's as we rummaged through the boxes of remnant fabric's. There were two pieces of three metre long that fit my scheme perfectly and mum was kind enough to buy them for me.

Its funny how designing has a life of it's own and takes shape in direction's you don't necessarily plan on. I never thought for a minute i would end up choosing these colours but i am completely in love with them. Steve has nearly finished painting the living room and it should all be ready by the time my sister arrives from Holland on Saturday.

Monday, 12 January 2009

the story so far...

these are some shots of the house so far and pics of the curtains that i have made for the sitting rooms. Also this little hallway which will soon be a home for our computer.

as you can see from one room i haven't quite figured out what fabric to include in the room yet...

Thursday, 8 January 2009

know where left......

We have been in full swing decorating for about a week and it has got to that stage where there is know where left to put anything. The boys room is completely jam packed and our room has the computer in it on the floor. I just pulled up the hallway carpet which is blocking the door to outside. Steve is busy painting the new sitting room and doing a fine job i may add. There is nothing pleasant for me to photograph. I was going to post our new dining room but it has now become a spare room for more clutter. I am just about getting used to the mint green wall's in the dining room that were supposed to be Sharp green...grrr. I think i could add some brown blotches and it would be like choc chip ice-cream. The funny thing is the babes are really happy..they just love rediscovering each room especially the vinyl floor which is great for sliding on. I have also realised that the one good view in the house we can now enjoy from the dining table..i think that might be my new favourite spot.......Steve didn't sound too chuffed when i suggested that as we can now enjoy the the outside space from the dining room we should really make it better......" more job's" BOTHER ........

Sunday, 4 January 2009


Finally the day has arrived after a three year wait that Steve wants to decorate and i am not going to stand in his way...this is the new dining room so far.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Hello Dolly!!!

Let me introduce to you the successor to Dolly Parton! Isn't she a cutie?