Wednesday, 25 February 2009

MAJOR achievment...

For many many years i have been scared of using patterns......and completely avoided them. Whenever i make stuff i make it up myself and have several attempts until i get it right. Well i decided enough was enough!! it was time to conquer this and learn. In my favourite store they were having a sale on kids patterns and i went for one that only needed a metre of fabric to keep the cost and yes i admit, difficulty down. It is a very simple a line dress and it came out a treat. I was so proud of myself I made three in one day.

first time..and probably the last..

I was recently commissioned to make a beanbag for someone who fell in love with a piece of Cath kidston fabric. It was a bit scary ordering it as it's on the expensive side. I found a really nice piece of gingham fabric which matched perfectly. I had to make a mock version just to make sure the pattern was OK...and after reading it several times i got the hang of it. I got the pattern from a link on .
Luckily i had enough fabric left to make a laundry bag...isn't it cute???

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

There used to be the most adorable cafe in exeter called Rogier's tea room. Me and my sister and mum would meet there every wednesday and talk for a long while and indulge in home made cakes. It is very hard to find a cafe where the food is all homemade and the service is just as good. Rogier's cafe was as good as it gets!! unfortunatly Rogier had enough and sold up. After the new owners moved in it was never quite the same and we stopped going....

I have a friend in the village who has been raving about this other cafe in tiverton for years and i finally arranged a date to visit for lunch, i was not dissapointed. It has the same quirky feel with old furniture and odd crockery. But i have to say the food was amazingly good. It was all home made and very tasty. Lovely crisp pastry quiche and a variety of salads with herbs and dressings. You must pay it a visit......

Sunday, 15 February 2009


I don't think my kids quite get the whole...."trying to make the house look good" thing!!!!!!

Saturday, 14 February 2009


So as a special Valentine treat we celebrated as a family. We had waffle's with a selection of fruit and a chocolate dip. Almond biscuits and amaretto biscuits. I also found a bag of real heart shaped marshmallows. I am certainly feeling a bit full now but it was a joy to look around the table at happy faces and hear the ahh's of delight.
I think it may turn out to be a new tradition.

Share the love....

i finaly finished my LOVE just before the day. Phew what a relief! it turned out i was lavished in love this year....what a treat. I got flowers,choclates a CD and an oven glove ( a very cool one) So i am feeeling the love today xxx i hope you are too

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Lost without it....

I think it must apart of growing older...starting to depend on possessions...i realised the other day i had misplaced my favourite recipe book with all my own recipes and family recipes that are very precious. You know the one's that have been handed down and changed a little to suit me. I was lost!!! how can i make that special cheesecake again or my pizza dough that comes out just right???? I have been thinking a great deal lately about dependency on things around the home. We lost the electric in our village the other day due to snowfall and winds and there was nothing in the house that worked. We couldn't make a cup of tea or heat the house. There was a mixture of excitement and horror in the home as the kids precious consoles turned off. Well i managed to make the pizza dough from memory and it turned out OK....but i was very glad when Steve found the recipe book behind the radiator in the kitchen. I am thinking that i should have a stand by for all those special secrets though....

Monday, 9 February 2009

I have never made a large patchwork before, only small one's. This has been a bit of a scary project because i had to decide weather i should cut up the lovely Amy Butler fabric i have been saving or not. Every time i cut another square it feels like I am tearing a work of art up. But i have taken the step and so far i am pleased. It is really hard to get the mix of colours right and i have had to cover up some darker pieces to balance out the whole look.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Valentine projects

So i thought of a neat idea for Valentine's. I want to have some pretty thing's around the home to remind us all of what the day is all about. This is the first letter which has gone pretty well but i expect the next one's will be a bit better.