Saturday, 25 April 2009

lookin good..tasting good !

Is it slightly obsessive to make colour co-ordinated food to match your decor? Yeah maybe, but who cares it looks great.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

This thursday I watched a great program presented by Kirstie Asslop. It was all about making a home but there was more of an emphasis on home made or salvage. It was right up my street and I could have watched it for hours. One thing she did was a flower arrangement and I thought it was such a good idea. You use a shallow bowl and cut the stems really short, but to hold them in place you use strips of sticky tape arranged in a grid style. If possible use really thin sticky tape.

I have to admit my first ettempt was rubbish but second time was better.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Slow food festival..

What a treat it was today to visit the "Slow food festival" in Exeter. It was so much bigger than i expected. The stalls were really inspiring and there was lots of tasting to be done. I was lucky enough to catch a Mary Berry seminar, she cooked several dishes which I tasted and was a really natural communicator. I spotted a few celebs as well! Micheal Cane was about and also the winner of last years masterchef "James". It is also on tomorrow and I highly recommend it.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

cloth bags

I have recently been inspired to make alternatives for plastic bags. As a nation we have already caught onto the idea of using them for our food shopping but what about sandwiches and cookies or any other food that needs storage. I have been using cloth bags for the kids sandwiches for a while now and i find them very successful. My latest project has been to start using them for fresh bread. I am really pleased with how they have turned out, they are certainly more attractive than your average plastic container.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

It's back!!

I spoke in an earlier post about my lack of sewing these day's . Well i hope my enthusiasm has returned. I have this piece of fabric that was sent over from Belgium from a friend's mother. It is certainly unusual. It is one of those fabric's that is stuck between very bad taste and very cool. I decided to go with the very cool because i cannot keep my eyes off it. It is so unlike fabric I see these day's because it doesn't make any apologies for being completely over the top and not restrained at all. Well i made the plunge and cut it up..and here is the result. I must say that if you have a bigger bust like me this neck line is not the best for you but it is great for a flat chest...I would really be better suited to a V-neck but i haven't found a design for one yet. But hey

I am just glad im making again....x

Steve was busy making a run for the chickens. I was baking fresh bread and hot cross bun's. The kids were playing in the garden bouncing on the tramp and getting very muddy in the er.....mud. If i could have violin's to accompany this piece i would because it was a perfect day...
This was the best smile Ru could manage with a major suger low....

Saturday, 11 April 2009


Thankfully it has been a glorious Easter weekend and we have been completely predictable and spent it in the garden. We have finished some more wooden flower boxes and painted our new picnic table. With the arrival of our six jolly chickens came a need for a pen to keep them in....(yet another trip to the timber yard).........So Steve will be occupied for a long while yet....

Friday, 10 April 2009


This has to be the most exciting thing that has happened to us this week......OUR FIRST EGG!!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

sewers block...

You know how writers get a block and cannot write..well that is how it has been for me for a few weeks. I get the fabric out, i stroke it and have a little think to myself about what it can be. That is as far as it goes, i put it away in my box and don't make a single thing. I don't know if I have a dislike to cluttering up my house or maybe it is just one of those things. I certainly have enough bags to last me a life time so that's an immediate strike off the list and Florence has enough dresses to go to a few summer parties.
So what have i been doing while this has all NOT been going on? Well i will tell you
1. three new kittens
2.six new hen's
3.visits to the beach
4.painting wooden flower container's
5. Pottering in the garden
6.looking after our adorable neice
and generally enjoying a sunny spring....ahh perfick!!!