Sunday, 12 April 2009

It's back!!

I spoke in an earlier post about my lack of sewing these day's . Well i hope my enthusiasm has returned. I have this piece of fabric that was sent over from Belgium from a friend's mother. It is certainly unusual. It is one of those fabric's that is stuck between very bad taste and very cool. I decided to go with the very cool because i cannot keep my eyes off it. It is so unlike fabric I see these day's because it doesn't make any apologies for being completely over the top and not restrained at all. Well i made the plunge and cut it up..and here is the result. I must say that if you have a bigger bust like me this neck line is not the best for you but it is great for a flat chest...I would really be better suited to a V-neck but i haven't found a design for one yet. But hey

I am just glad im making again....x

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