Sunday, 19 April 2009

This thursday I watched a great program presented by Kirstie Asslop. It was all about making a home but there was more of an emphasis on home made or salvage. It was right up my street and I could have watched it for hours. One thing she did was a flower arrangement and I thought it was such a good idea. You use a shallow bowl and cut the stems really short, but to hold them in place you use strips of sticky tape arranged in a grid style. If possible use really thin sticky tape.

I have to admit my first ettempt was rubbish but second time was better.


Homemakers Tales said...

Martha i absolutly adored the program too, and yes i could watch it [her] all day long now i want to blow glass !..she has filmed here at Cowslip Patchwork so look forward to that..i am going to use green florist tape for the arrangement i think it will stick better ., i loved the idea. and so looking forward to next week x

Sophie said...

great idea, will keep that one in mind.
Great to chat yestaerday;-)