Thursday, 14 May 2009

At last

Can you believe our luck.....Clothkits has finally restarted and revamped. Not only have they updated their look very well but kept some very nostalgic oldies like kit and kitty. My mum still has these doll's in her toy basket with a few of the clothes to match. I really love the new stuff they are providing now ,they have cleverly kept the concept but pushed the patterns into today. Their designs remind me a little of the way Ikea design their fabric. Take a look at the site and just try and stop yourself ordering one of those cute doll's.

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Katie said...

Hoorah for Clothkits! I'm so pleased they've relaunched! I was brought up in Clothkits clothes and loved my Clothkitty doll. I've recently made and reviewed the new Clothkitty doll in 'Sewing World', so now my original and new dolls sit side-by-side in my sewing room! I've got my eye on some of their skirts for grown-ups now!! Katie x