Saturday, 2 May 2009

Sweet Bliss

Today was a dream day. I set off this morning for north Devon to Donna Flower who is The sun was shining, the car was peaceful and i was on my way to fabric delight. She did not disappoint at all. The whole downstairs was full of vintage fabrics and clothes. The beautiful farmhouse kitchen was laid with lovely china and home baked cakes. I met some interesting people and the conversation flowed. I think for me that was the best part of the day meeting like minded people who were in love with fabric and creating..It was the first time I had met a fellow blogger and i have to admit I was rather excited.

This is Donna who hosted and ran the show.

This is the dress I bought.


abigail said...

Love it, all you need now is a hat! You could be Boo 50 years ago in her hay day!

abigail said...

Martha try and go to Gazebo goodness in totnes. It's featured on the posy blog (second page) it looks devine and I wish I could go

Donna said...

Wow Martha that dress looks amazing on you. I am so glad you bought it!!!!

It was really really lovely to meet you and spend time with you and the other gorgeous girls who filled my kitchen :-)

Thank you for your sweet comments about my sale, here's to the next one x

Re said...

What a fun day you must have had and that dress, well it's just gorgeous.

Katie said...

Hi Martha! Thanks for your message on my blog - great to 'meet' you! Yes, I think we did see each other at the sale. What a great sale it was...the more I looked, the more treasures I kept finding! Your dress looks fab. I bought a 1950s dress from Donna too...I'll be modelling it on my blog very soon! Katie x

Bobo Bun said...

Donna mentioned your blog so I thought I'd pop over. See your into chickens too - funny how they go hand in hand with all this other creativity. Lovely blog. Better go and feed my poor ladies now I think of it.