Saturday, 20 June 2009

silly me

I am so ashamed and annoyed at myself. I set off this morning nice and early ,all excited and rearing to go. My destination was bath and west show ground and my objective was to check out the gigantic flea market their. Israel came with me and we were enjoying the sunshine and peaceful drive without small one's. We turned up at the show ground in good time and I was surprised at how quiet it was. " huh that's weird" I said "It seems awfully quiet doesn't It Israel"Look at the sign and check the date............."oh ********** I got the wrong day Its tomorrow! Big sigh, more ******* and time for the silver lining plan. " we are pretty close to Bath", "i like Bath" Lets go!!

So off we go. turns out its not as close as i expected but still we got there fairly soon and set off around the city.Israel has never been before so i showed her the royal crescent and the circus and we did find some nice antique shops and a few vintage stalls in the street. I am pretty sure that there is some great shops somewhere to rummage in but i have know idea where they are. I did pick up some lovely vintage fabric with a lovely yellow background and some old clip on earrings for my grandmother. And i also had the self control to put back a few items which is even more of an achievement.

So after a few hours of shopping and sunshine we went home and took some more unnecessary detours and got home after a seven hour trip. Oh boy what a day. I am still kicking myself and very annoyed at the possible bargains i have missed out on.

on a lighter note i am very pleased with my latest creations and could do with lots of oooohs and ahhhh's please.


Donna said...

Poor you! I've done that before but not on quite a grand scale! Did you get to the Cath Kidston shop? I love Bath but didn't find any bargains there just lots of gorgeous but expensive shops.

Julie said...

oh no, you must have been kicking yourself (it's the kind of thing I'd do though).

And the clothes are definitely worthy of lots of ooohs and ahhhs - I particularly like the top and trousers combo.

Rogier Bos said...

The picture of Israel is lovely! Very good!