Saturday, 29 August 2009

at last

I have a bit of strange and frustrating time the last few weeks. I have been making all sorts and enjoying what I make but have had this niggling feeling that there was something else. I really had a Strong desire to create something more simple and natural. I wanted to create things out of natural linens and tone my colour scheme down quite a bit. I have realised it is a lot harder to do that than I first imagined. I had got the stage where I thought maybe I needed a break from sewing to wait for inspiration so I began cleaning up the sewing room which is a huge job and clear my mind for a bit.

Yesterday I was speaking to Abi (sister) and she suggested something and as she did it all fell into place. I am no artist and really struggle with drawing but I am OK with comic pieces so I suddenly realised how I could make each piece of clothing unique.

I am so pleased with the result and I am really excited about where I am going from here....


Donna said...

Gorgeous Martha, inspired! The applique pieces can be your splash of colour against the calm linen background :-)

abigail79 said...

Great Job, and very different too, real character pieces.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful job!
I love the linen and the applique is so sweet : )
Enjoy your week!