Sunday, 27 September 2009

doing the right thing...

It has been an unspoken plan for me to eliminate as much use of plastic from the house as i can over the past year. Some things have been a little easier than others. But one idea i have noticed many times on Soulemama blog is how she uses jam jars to replace plastic containers for picnics. I thought i would give it a go on our latest sploot to Sidmouth, a lovely local sea side town (with some very yummy shops).

It was a real success but most of all great to know we weren't creating any waste..


Donna said...

Great idea Martha. I love the word Sploot, haven't heard that one before :-)

Hope to see you next week?

Julie said...

great idea, sidmouth is lovely isn't it - if we were ever to move, that is where I would want to end up! x