Wednesday, 7 October 2009

what can they be..

Ordering 50 hession sacks sounds like a swell idea until they are landed in the hallway taking up alot of space. Where on earth am i going to store them all???

Shall i show you what they are for?? sure you are eager to know.

im going to add handles to these..


TheMadHouse said...

Those bags are so cool, where did you egt the sacks from if you dont mind me asking (or would you be willing to sell a few???

Donna said...

Wonderful Martha! Looks like the kids are going to enjoy them too ;-)

Sophie said...

Love em ;-)

Hen said...

Hi Martha,
Thanks for getting in touch and alerting me to your blog after we met at Donna's. I'll enjoy having a read back through your posts. Good idea with the sacks! I'm surprised the little ones weren't having sack races in the garden?! See you November 14 hopefully.
Hen x