Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Why is it that i have this overwhelming feeling of boredom.....i think it is because my focus for Christmas day has gone and NOW WHAT! it really is a horrible feeling and worst of all i feel so ungrateful. We have had such a prosperous Christmas and we have so much. The children are happy they are running around the house playing such lovely games. I think i need a project! Steve suggested last night that i fixed the curtains in the boys room that are literally hanging on by one hook i mean we seriously look like we are squatters. Well that sounds like a really dull project don't you think?I received a magimix for Christmas and i keep staring at it trying to think of something interesting to do with it.

on a lighter note i am drooling over this wrapping station by Martha Stewart it is divine

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Here are some pictures of the peppermint bark i mentioned in a previous post. you can find

the recipe on soulemama..i cannot recommend it enough ,it is so good. One drawback is the expense, if you want to use quality chocolate then it will cost but if you try to ration it then it's maybe not so bad(yeah right) This time around i have sprinkled crushed sweets and on the other roasted crushed hazelnuts so every one's tastes should be satisfied....

Sunday, 19 December 2010

I am currently working on a wedding quilt for my brother in law and this is the story so far....i don't find it particularly enjoyable to make it is pretty dull once you have chosen the fabrics but I'm quickly seeing the end and i can't wait to give it to them on boxing day.I chose a very thick wadding so it is really a winter quilt which is perfect for our current climate and as they are coming back from a honeymoon in Thailand they should hopefully really appreciate it.

I just had to share with you the view from our front window it is simply perfect and only lacks a horse and cart to finish off the Christmas card look.
I have been very busy making these past few day's but allot of the stuff is not really that great for photo's like some fleecy joggers for my eldest son he just loves to hang around in them.I am making some extremely pink ones for flo which may be a little more appealing.
So it should be a very bust couple of day's while we run up to the big day, i plan on making some fudge and a little or maybe allot of the peppermint bark which is completely divine (recipe found through soulemama)i think i may have eaten nearly the whole batch i made this week myself(ooops)

Sunday, 12 December 2010

i know i know everyone shows pics of the recent weather but i can't resist.....i don't ever remember seeing such beautiful frost.

And this is my beautiful daughters getting ready for my brother in laws wedding.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

So i survived one more birthday party and poor old Flo did her best but she was pretty pale throughout. All the craft activities went well and the girls were very proud of their gnomes and cupcakes. I completely forgot the jelly and the birthday cake but I'm pretty sure they didn't notice....

Now I'm back to sewing stuff that i like which is clothes for Flo.

While i remember I went to a Craft market in Exeter today and found a real jem of a stall please check this site out but if you do get the chance to come to Exeter i think she is here on the late night shopping days. The stuffshe sells is gorgeous and unashamedly bright.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

it's all about PINK....

So tommorow we are celebrating Flo's birthday....unfortunatly she has had a temperature today so i have been nervously getting things prepared hoping she will be ok . It is going to be a craft party and we will be decourating princess crowns, stuffing gnomes and making lots of mess with cup cakes......golly how fun!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Here are the latest softies i have made. The first one is i hope obviously an angel. I was thinking about making a few for xmas but im not sure if i can be bothered now.

The second is from the same pattern i made the pink cat from. It works really well i think i can be bothered to make some more of these.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Some thing's i am doing well at this week....

1. organising every room to make it work better for me and the family

2. improving my designs for softies and doll's

3. baking delicious home cooked food, sweet and savoury

4. teaching Ru to sew by himself

Some thing's im not doing so well at

1.phoning my sister's ( just keep forgetting)

2. worring less about lego all over the floor...

3. worrying less about my expanding waistline..

all in all more good than bad...and there's always next week...

Monday, 1 November 2010


I am sorry i am sure you are sick of halloween pic's but im joining in too
These broomstick bags were full of candy.

Friday, 29 October 2010

the first softie doll i have made in about two for improvement for sure....but i like the fabrics

enjoying the wonderful autumn weather

a visit to the mill bakery in Lyme Regis (RECOMMENDED)the man on the left outside is the owner and an interesting chap....but the atmosphere and food sells the place.
this boat is the second of its kind being made in a traditional boat making workshop in Lyme Regis. we spoke to the chap at great length who was making it. It was a work of art.

Monday, 18 October 2010

So it is a new week and i am thankful to say already it appears more positive than last week. I kind of decided that i would knuckle down with some errands and house work and keep away from people to give myself some time out. Ironically as driving around this morning i was caught by a friend who invited me to join her for coffee. It is funny how that happens sometimes it's almost like a test and as soon as you have resigned yourself to go without something the very thing you wanted comes your my day's in the church we would have called it a God thing.......either way i like it!!! So a much needed chat was had and i told my dear friend of all the happening's this last week. She has to be the least judgmental person i know and always seems to know what to say so i felt a whole lot better and my faith in friendship is once again restored......i was supposed to go for my weekly shop but another friend walked into the cafe and we did a swap as i carried on a chat with the next friend. i never did get to do the weekly shop and when i returned home another friend came around. I now feel completely exhausted from all the be careful what you hope for because it might come in a tidal wave........

Friday, 15 October 2010

apologise again for the serious posts but its been a very serious week and as an honest blogger im not going to pretend i live a life of sewing and cooking.......
my thoughts have been forced somewhat this week along the path of self analysis. first was the thoughts of untidy homes and ocd parenting and today its been all about the system we know as school. great place gives me a break from the kids and im not knocking it but i was challenged today by the lady in charge of attendance wondering why my five year old boy had missed a whole TWO day of school without a decent excuse. ok this is my problem, he gets really tired and sometimes just needs a day off now i don't want to lie so when asked i just say he needed a day off. most parents would just say they are sick but i like to tell the truth if i can. so she says to me "you do realise we are bound to uphold the law and report absent kids" yeah ok i say feeling a little defensive. but then this wave of emotion comes over me, "but he needs time off and i know im doing the best thing for him".and she says "well we know the best thing for him is to attend to get the best possible result from him" BULL SHIT! ie, it makes there them look good if they have high attendance. so here i go full swing into home schooled anti-establishment mode......this is a load of rubbish you know the best thing for him to be fresh and enjoy school and he wont do that if he's knackered because he is completely over stimulated. well needless to say it was a heated debate and i was hoping that she might suffer from amnesia and forget the whole conversation when she put the phone down but OH NO SUCH LUCK she phoned back for more abuse and she was lucky she got more. by the end i was crying because i always do when i am passionate about something and she looked all sensible and calm BUGGER and yet again for the 3rd time this week i get to look like a complete freak of a my thinking as i aggressively iron some clothes gets around to passive aggressive behaviour which is something i have been reading about in a really good book called "love languages of your kids" GET IT ! the gist of it is if kids aren't able to express themselves then the worst case scenario is passive aggressive behavior. it is intentional rebellious behavior and its bad..kind of like criminals. but that is kind of what we are encouraging in this doesn't pay to be honest because the rules almost encourage dishonesty....anyway this a very long and boring rant and ill keep it short but you get the idea im having a bad week.......its weeks like this i really wish i had gone for dream job as prime minister... DONT ASK!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

things i'm enjoying

This past week fall has crept into my world. There are parts of it that i love, like the changing leaves with the sunshine pouring through. But i don't enjoy being woken up while it is still dark it somehow makes me feel more tired. I am enjoying the routine of school but am overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork coming home with the kids and with it many decision i have to make. I am ashamed to say i am already hording small bits and pieces for Xmas.

I came across some little chili plants in sainsbury's this week which brightens up the kitchen.

We took the two babes for their first visit to pizza hut and i have to say they behaved very well and especially enjoyed their first unlimited ice-cream bowl.......except there isn't allot of ice-cream going on ...

I am also loving the amount of play time we are getting out of lego these days,this stuff just goes on and on and is worth every penny.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Take two

well it is amazing what you can achieve in a day when you have no interruption's. I made sure when i made this bag that i took my time and thought it all through as much as i could. I am really pleased with it, actually I'm more than pleased. It is almost perfect. I have put three pockets on one side and a zipped large on on the other. It is oil cloth on the outside and fabric on the inside. The straps are better but not as tough as i would like. i have yet to find something that is as strong as i want.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

bags bags bags

oh it's completely my fault, i can blame know one else for this obsession for bags that flo has got. I fins them everywhere full of all sorts of treasures. she constantly has one over her shoulder and i can't imagine where this obsession come from...........talking of bags i have been working on a new bag which has the same design as my kath kidston bag. i have put more pockets on the inside and its about double the size. I really love this fabric though and was especially chuffed when i found the same fabric in oil cloth too. Im not pleased with the straps and would prefer something chunkier but haven't found anything suitable yet.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

nothing to say except that this is one swell tree house, im sure you will agree?

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


aren't these the cutest nickers you have ever seen???i especialy love the strawberry shortcake one's...

Sunday, 5 September 2010

This has been my perfect summer, I have barely been in the house long enough to go crazy which suits me fine. We have also been blessed this year with a minimal amount of rain. You can’t really ask for more in the UK as any more would just be plain greedy. For our last week of summer we visited the Lizard in Cornwall. I haven’t really been their before but as I expected it didn’t disappoint, rarely does anywhere by the Cornish coast disappoint.
One blustery day we braved a coastal walk to a nearby fishing village, it was the first hike we have been on with all the kid’s. To my surprise it went very well and we only had a few complaints. Of course we had to bribe them with coloured polo and Worthington’s originals for the return journey.
The children all enjoyed surfing for many hours. It is so lovely to see them catching their first waves and scream with joy as they ride into shore. I am hoping we can continue to take them surfing throughout the late summer as it works so well for us.

The only annoying issue with all this holidaying is the amount of money it costs. It would be nice to take it up a notch to camping just to save some pennies.
So we return to our school routine tomorrow with the satisfaction of many pasties and ice-creams, plenty of sea side and late evenings…..let us hope the autumn doesn’t disappoint.
I am looking forward to doing some belated sewing as ideas have been buzzing around in my head for far too long now, I am worried I may for get them.

Monday, 9 August 2010

For a while now i have been storing all sorts of food in cloth bags. I really believe in this as a way of life and try to encourage all who make or buy quality bread to do the same as the plastic bags will still contain chemicals of some sort. Of coarse you are also using something that can be reused as well. I held a stall at our local street market and sold a few of these bags but I also sell them at the farm shop as well.

Recently I have also been giving gifts in bags as well and it occurred to me this morning while pondering that the idea of a gift bag going from one family to another on the present giving circle is a really fun idea. I would almost go as far as to encourage people to sew or write on the bag to see where it's journey goes.

It upsets me how money is spent on packaging and wrapping and it all goes in the bin, i mean think of Christmas wrapping it doesn't always get recycled. Anyway I would encourage you to re think the times when you use plastic or paper and think of an alternative that will last longer or use what you already own.

Over at he uses old magazine's to wrap presents and it looks great.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Finally we have got to the stage where a holiday is actually a holiday. I can promise you this it has been a long time coming. Nap times and fractious sleep patterns has ruined many trips away. This year though we have enjoyed not one but two great weeks away and it was actually restful. We could take the kids to the beach and they would happily find there own entertainment. They are also getting old enough to put on wet suits and bob up and down on the sea. I actually braved the sea this year although i looked like a complete nob in my wet suit. We have discovered Wales this year and keep falling in love with it. This past week we ventured up north a little more and the scenery was stunning, it reminded me so much of America with the mountains and endless pine tree's, i sure do miss those views. The one thing that strikes me with Wales is even in the peak season the beaches are empty so we didn't have to keep ours eyes constantly on the babies.

we only had one rainy day in which we visited a cave which was also a dinosaur park. The tunnels inside went on and on and around all over i was totally confused. There was a beautiful cathedral inside one of them that really was as big and they played this great music inside. You can actually get married in there if you want to.

So it's thumbs up for Wales....go explore!!

This isn't a great pic but you get the idea of the size of these animals.

Friday, 23 July 2010

We are off on holiday to wales, nothing as glamerous as this lovely picture. But a girl can dream eh?

Sunday, 18 July 2010

party party party.....

Another weekend another party...... and the theme was 1920's. Set on Dartmoor in a beautiful property over looking the moors. Lovely food and dancing , it certainly has been a glamorous few weeks.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Tonight is the night! we are going to a 40th party at a lovely Devon house just outside Silverton. There are three marquess, music and good food to eat.....the dress code is pink and blue. I have enjoyed the challenge and copied a phase eight skirt i had. This pink version has come out pretty good and it hangs very nicely. It has been cut on the bias which has obviously taken allot more fabric but it is worth it. We will be camping over which means we don't have to be too sensible.....lets hope we come home in one peice...

Thursday, 1 July 2010

My sister sophie over at has asked me to make an apron for a friend. The theme is black. Apparantly this lady likes to wear alot of black. I quite enjoyed the change from all the bright colours and am very pleased with the results. I have made a gift bag to put it in as well. Lets hope she likes it too.