Wednesday, 17 February 2010

half term fun...

I'm kind of enjoying this half term. It might have something to do with having a good break but we have been dragging out all the messy stuff that usually stays tucked away. For a change the rain has arrived in holiday week so I am having to be creative.

Monday, 15 February 2010

A real and rare treat...

It has been a long ,long while since I was able to go to bed without worrying about what time I would be woken in the morning. It's a long while since I have been away from the kid's and Steve. It is a long while since i was cooked for ,for a whole weekend. I can tell you I have been full up to the brim with all the above.

I went to stay with Sophie my sister in Holland this past weekend. We had such a lovely time.Sophie and I enjoyed some quality time together. It was great to get to know her boy's a little more and spend hours watching The West Wing with Rogier her husband on the couch. I had a guided tour of Rotterdam on the friday and lunch out at the Le Plaite. Saturday we went to sophie's favourite store of which I have included pictures. I would have needed a lorry for all the stuff I wanted to take home. The houses in the picture are cube houses rested on the there point..
To top the great weekend off I came home to a tidy house, a huge bunch of flower's and chocolate's

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Im the bag lady...

Yet more inspiration to make bag's has struck me and I simply must go with the flo....I bought this blue and green fabric quite a while ago on ebay and am just in love with it. I havn't been able to cut it up before now but somehow for this bag it seemed perfect. It is the same design and size as the rest I have made because it is a joy to make.

I might even allow myself to actually use this one.....i do have a very silly habit of saving them for a special day that doesn't seem to arrive...

Thursday, 4 February 2010

finishing touches

I have some left over ticking from the kitchen curtain's and it is just the right amount for tea towel's. I also have some lovely Sharp green fabric which picks up the colour of my kitchen aid and utensil's perfectly. I now it's anal but hey ho!! what's all this spare time for??

I spotted this letter holder in T K Max the other day and I think it will fit perfectly in the kitchen. I don't like spending money on stuff like this when I know Steve can make it for next to nothing so I am holding out for him instead of buying it......Lets hope he doesn't disappoint.