Sunday, 21 March 2010

fancy a challenge

So my sister Abigail was kind enough to send me a book recently. Mind you, only the brave can read this one. It's called "Nourishing Tradition's" by Sally Fallon. I have to say my kid's are not happy with Abigail for bringing this into my life....It really challenges our mind sets and misguided information about what we believe about food and so called studies that have been done through the decades. There is too much information for me to give you but if you are up to a challenge please get hold of this book.
Needless to say my cooking style has been going through a bit of a transformation and it has stirred up some unhappy kid's. I was trying to explain to my oldest how when you love your family you want to do your very best to fill their bodies with the best possible food. This can mean that your kid's aren't happy, i find this very hard.
I love a challenge and i love to make my babes happy. It seems 2010 will be an interesting year..

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Homemakers Tales{Kieren} said...

Sounds good i think i will get it ! yes i,m going to do an easter tree well twiggy thing to Tescos have some lovely Eastery ideas for kids as you know Martha i dont have any but i do have ...Alan .. dont forget an egg hunt ..That storage shelves would be my dream too ..Kieren