Thursday, 29 April 2010

blooming marvelous

Don't you think this room is a breath of fresh air? It certainly gets you in the mood for spring.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

At last after some real disasters I have found a bread recipe that works. But let me explain I have been making wheat bread for ages very successfully but because of Florence's gluten intolerance I have been trying to find alternative flour to use. I know that spelt is not gluten free but because it hasn't been meddled with so much it is less likely to cause problem's.

Well I have had some very disappointing results recently which have reminded me of that scene in "about a boy" ( great movie) when a duck is killed by a very solid loaf of bread. That is exactly how mine turned out until I found a great new recipe online. This loaf is perfect. It has a great taste and isn't too heavy.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Isn't this a gorgeous picture?
It comes from a photographer called Marisa Holmes. I just love the curves on this woman it makes such a change to see a real curvy body looking so darn sexy. I would love to have some photo's of myself like this.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Just a few pics of our recent trip to Wales, a place I haven't explored at all. The weather was glorious and the site we were on was very good. Most of our week was spent on the beach along with teaching Flo and Barney to ride their bikes. We discovered some pretty perfect places that we intend to visit again soon. I recommend a holiday in Wales it is quiet and picturesque.

Well that is enough holiday brochure talk....The nicest part of this past week has been to spend enjoyable time with the kid's in the constant sun. We didn't have to worry about naps anymore so we had the whole day to play with..what a treat!!!!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

I found this picture over at i really recommend a viewing. I can only dream of a garden like this. Beautifully landscaped gardens but still maintaining a natural feel. I am to say the least fed up with my patch and would like to plant a bomb in the centre because a crater would be more appealing right now. Until that day arrives i will cheer myself up with these photos.

Monday, 5 April 2010

I feel as though this is me sitting on the stair's here although it is in fact my little Florence. I can remember so well being lost in a game like this wrapped up in the moment and surrounded by familiar and favourite toy's. It is so special to see this sort of imagination develop and to be honest a real relief because it gives hours of peace. Flo has just got the stage where she wants to choose and dress herself..something which I am not quite as excited about. Luckily her choices have been OK so far but I can feel a storm a brewing and some serious disagreements in the distance....GULP. Like I need that in the morning rush........Fortunately the good dressing up outweighs the bad at the moment and long may it last....