Tuesday, 29 June 2010

For as long as I can remember I have been visiting boo and this is how the visit usually plays out.
BOO. “darling how lovely to see you” it’s been such a long time ie…Why don’t you come every day? Or at least call. Now sit down and I will get us a good drink. Now what will it be Whisky? Sherry?
ME” Boo its not even eleven”
BOO. oh what is it with this family you are all so dull .Don’t any of you like drinking?
ME. “well there is this law now about drinking and driving”
BOO. “ok well then have you had any breakfast or maybe some lunch?
ME. .Well I did just have breakfast I am fine
Note that this is an unacceptable thing to say to Boo, you have to always be hungry.
Boo. Are you sure you don’t just want some tea and toast?
ME. ok Boo that would be great (lying) just a small piece please.

Boo rushes to the kitchen and come back with a loaf of bread sliced and toasted and a whole selection of jams and chutney’s.

BOO. now while you are here I wanted to show you this leaflet I picked up while I was at the phoenix. Have a look and see what is going on im sure there is something of interest to you?
Or if that’s isn’t of interest to you I wanted to talk to you about a holiday……..everybody needs a break darling and you could really do with getting away. Do you have anything planned?
ME. err no!

This is something I struggled with my whole life with Boo. She couldn’t stop living life to the full and forcing those she loved around her to do the same. It was a massive inconvenience BUT it will be sorely missed.
Boo never stopped looking to the future and hoping for better. In fact the part about dying she couldn’t bare was how boring being stuck inside was. In the last year of her life she went to Russia an ambition she had since she was a child. In fact two weeks before she died we went shopping together for a new handbag. I thought at the time why does she want this bag she might now even be here to use it. For Boo this wasn’t an issue she couldn’t think about anything as dull as dying.

I have learnt many things from her but at the moment one thing is really present in my mind, Life on this earth is a gift, take every opportunity and be the best you can be. Boo used to say to me that people liked her because she didn’t have any particular gift which of coarse was rubbish. But I think her gift to me was to impart belief in myself…...I will miss her laugh, her naughty rebellious nature and her friendship……

Remembering Boo my grandmother who past away this month…

Sunday, 27 June 2010

I am so in love with this weather and all the happiness that comes along with it. Steve is busy landscaping the garden..poor chap it is a little hot for all that work but i'm not going to stop him. He got this cart for transporting bits and bobs around and also our beach holiday in july but i have better plans for it. It has taken a little time for the little ones to adjust to the heat but this certainly helps with the trip to the shops.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

so i have been reading quite a bit about shirring! heard of it? well its like smocking but with elastic thread. I'm not going to lie and say its easy, it isn't.But after a bit of adjusting and practise you can do it. So here is my first attempt and I'm pretty pleased.

Monday, 14 June 2010

I have been making some boy's outfit's for a local lady and i am really pleased with the results. The tee-shirts are from Sainsbury's but have been embellished by me. It is tricky to find fun boy's clothes that aren't covered in super heroes or aren't very expensive. Barney lives in elasticated trousers so i know they are worth the effort.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Ha weird!!

ok is it just me or are my kid's weird??? this is where Barney wanted to take his nap today.....thankfuly it was too much of a tight space for him.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

getting into the spirit of summer........

hiding in the trees, can you spot them?

a thoughtful Israel...