Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Finally we have got to the stage where a holiday is actually a holiday. I can promise you this it has been a long time coming. Nap times and fractious sleep patterns has ruined many trips away. This year though we have enjoyed not one but two great weeks away and it was actually restful. We could take the kids to the beach and they would happily find there own entertainment. They are also getting old enough to put on wet suits and bob up and down on the sea. I actually braved the sea this year although i looked like a complete nob in my wet suit. We have discovered Wales this year and keep falling in love with it. This past week we ventured up north a little more and the scenery was stunning, it reminded me so much of America with the mountains and endless pine tree's, i sure do miss those views. The one thing that strikes me with Wales is even in the peak season the beaches are empty so we didn't have to keep ours eyes constantly on the babies.

we only had one rainy day in which we visited a cave which was also a dinosaur park. The tunnels inside went on and on and around all over i was totally confused. There was a beautiful cathedral inside one of them that really was as big and they played this great music inside. You can actually get married in there if you want to.

So it's thumbs up for Wales....go explore!!

This isn't a great pic but you get the idea of the size of these animals.

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Julie said...

isn't it fab to have a holiday that is a holiday? We turned this corner this year too, and I have to say, it's been one of the things I've found hardest about motherhood - sleepless nights, tantrums, all that I can deal with (well, within reason!) but I hated that holidays weren't the relaxing times they used to be. So good when the kids can amuse themselves and give you some time off. Sounds like you had a great time - hopefully the weather will play ball so we can all enjoy the rest of the school holidays as well.