Monday, 9 August 2010

For a while now i have been storing all sorts of food in cloth bags. I really believe in this as a way of life and try to encourage all who make or buy quality bread to do the same as the plastic bags will still contain chemicals of some sort. Of coarse you are also using something that can be reused as well. I held a stall at our local street market and sold a few of these bags but I also sell them at the farm shop as well.

Recently I have also been giving gifts in bags as well and it occurred to me this morning while pondering that the idea of a gift bag going from one family to another on the present giving circle is a really fun idea. I would almost go as far as to encourage people to sew or write on the bag to see where it's journey goes.

It upsets me how money is spent on packaging and wrapping and it all goes in the bin, i mean think of Christmas wrapping it doesn't always get recycled. Anyway I would encourage you to re think the times when you use plastic or paper and think of an alternative that will last longer or use what you already own.

Over at he uses old magazine's to wrap presents and it looks great.