Thursday, 23 September 2010

Take two

well it is amazing what you can achieve in a day when you have no interruption's. I made sure when i made this bag that i took my time and thought it all through as much as i could. I am really pleased with it, actually I'm more than pleased. It is almost perfect. I have put three pockets on one side and a zipped large on on the other. It is oil cloth on the outside and fabric on the inside. The straps are better but not as tough as i would like. i have yet to find something that is as strong as i want.

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Keepapi Creative said...

oooh. I love this! A slight alteration with oil cloth inner would make me a fab swimming bag for the taking the 3 kids to swimming lessons. I could use all those pockets too!
Where did you get the fab oilcloth from? love it!
Great bag. Nice to see other people with bag obsessions!
Cheers Jacs x