Wednesday, 29 September 2010

things i'm enjoying

This past week fall has crept into my world. There are parts of it that i love, like the changing leaves with the sunshine pouring through. But i don't enjoy being woken up while it is still dark it somehow makes me feel more tired. I am enjoying the routine of school but am overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork coming home with the kids and with it many decision i have to make. I am ashamed to say i am already hording small bits and pieces for Xmas.

I came across some little chili plants in sainsbury's this week which brightens up the kitchen.

We took the two babes for their first visit to pizza hut and i have to say they behaved very well and especially enjoyed their first unlimited ice-cream bowl.......except there isn't allot of ice-cream going on ...

I am also loving the amount of play time we are getting out of lego these days,this stuff just goes on and on and is worth every penny.


Anonymous said...

I thought that was a new cereal. Candy with milk. :)

Keepapi Creative said...

aughh. what is it about the first few weeks back at school & endless paperwork. I think it startedon the 2nd day back. My letters seem to have required cash or cakes along with decisions!
Your daughter looks well chuffed with the unlimited sweets/icecream. I also wondered if it was party breakfast at first. Good to get some pics of first experiences...
Ahh lego. Love it as long as my feet don't find it!

Susan said...

Lego, the toy that keeps on giving! ;-)

And I think the icecream was more of a bowl of candy topped with a teaspoon of icecream *giggles* too cute.

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