Sunday, 5 September 2010

This has been my perfect summer, I have barely been in the house long enough to go crazy which suits me fine. We have also been blessed this year with a minimal amount of rain. You can’t really ask for more in the UK as any more would just be plain greedy. For our last week of summer we visited the Lizard in Cornwall. I haven’t really been their before but as I expected it didn’t disappoint, rarely does anywhere by the Cornish coast disappoint.
One blustery day we braved a coastal walk to a nearby fishing village, it was the first hike we have been on with all the kid’s. To my surprise it went very well and we only had a few complaints. Of course we had to bribe them with coloured polo and Worthington’s originals for the return journey.
The children all enjoyed surfing for many hours. It is so lovely to see them catching their first waves and scream with joy as they ride into shore. I am hoping we can continue to take them surfing throughout the late summer as it works so well for us.

The only annoying issue with all this holidaying is the amount of money it costs. It would be nice to take it up a notch to camping just to save some pennies.
So we return to our school routine tomorrow with the satisfaction of many pasties and ice-creams, plenty of sea side and late evenings…..let us hope the autumn doesn’t disappoint.
I am looking forward to doing some belated sewing as ideas have been buzzing around in my head for far too long now, I am worried I may for get them.


Killiecrankie Farm said...

what a lovely holiday spot !
sounds like you've had a fine ending to your Summer.

there is nothing like a bit of time away from the machine to get those creative urges back running on all cylinders - looking forward to your next project :)

Julie said...

looks like you all had a lovely time. Can't believe they are back tomorrow - where did the summer go ? Could do with a couple more weeks but it's been wonderful so I shouldn't complain. Hope to catch up with you on the school run at some point x

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