Friday, 29 October 2010

the first softie doll i have made in about two for improvement for sure....but i like the fabrics

enjoying the wonderful autumn weather

a visit to the mill bakery in Lyme Regis (RECOMMENDED)the man on the left outside is the owner and an interesting chap....but the atmosphere and food sells the place.
this boat is the second of its kind being made in a traditional boat making workshop in Lyme Regis. we spoke to the chap at great length who was making it. It was a work of art.

Monday, 18 October 2010

So it is a new week and i am thankful to say already it appears more positive than last week. I kind of decided that i would knuckle down with some errands and house work and keep away from people to give myself some time out. Ironically as driving around this morning i was caught by a friend who invited me to join her for coffee. It is funny how that happens sometimes it's almost like a test and as soon as you have resigned yourself to go without something the very thing you wanted comes your my day's in the church we would have called it a God thing.......either way i like it!!! So a much needed chat was had and i told my dear friend of all the happening's this last week. She has to be the least judgmental person i know and always seems to know what to say so i felt a whole lot better and my faith in friendship is once again restored......i was supposed to go for my weekly shop but another friend walked into the cafe and we did a swap as i carried on a chat with the next friend. i never did get to do the weekly shop and when i returned home another friend came around. I now feel completely exhausted from all the be careful what you hope for because it might come in a tidal wave........

Friday, 15 October 2010

apologise again for the serious posts but its been a very serious week and as an honest blogger im not going to pretend i live a life of sewing and cooking.......
my thoughts have been forced somewhat this week along the path of self analysis. first was the thoughts of untidy homes and ocd parenting and today its been all about the system we know as school. great place gives me a break from the kids and im not knocking it but i was challenged today by the lady in charge of attendance wondering why my five year old boy had missed a whole TWO day of school without a decent excuse. ok this is my problem, he gets really tired and sometimes just needs a day off now i don't want to lie so when asked i just say he needed a day off. most parents would just say they are sick but i like to tell the truth if i can. so she says to me "you do realise we are bound to uphold the law and report absent kids" yeah ok i say feeling a little defensive. but then this wave of emotion comes over me, "but he needs time off and i know im doing the best thing for him".and she says "well we know the best thing for him is to attend to get the best possible result from him" BULL SHIT! ie, it makes there them look good if they have high attendance. so here i go full swing into home schooled anti-establishment mode......this is a load of rubbish you know the best thing for him to be fresh and enjoy school and he wont do that if he's knackered because he is completely over stimulated. well needless to say it was a heated debate and i was hoping that she might suffer from amnesia and forget the whole conversation when she put the phone down but OH NO SUCH LUCK she phoned back for more abuse and she was lucky she got more. by the end i was crying because i always do when i am passionate about something and she looked all sensible and calm BUGGER and yet again for the 3rd time this week i get to look like a complete freak of a my thinking as i aggressively iron some clothes gets around to passive aggressive behaviour which is something i have been reading about in a really good book called "love languages of your kids" GET IT ! the gist of it is if kids aren't able to express themselves then the worst case scenario is passive aggressive behavior. it is intentional rebellious behavior and its bad..kind of like criminals. but that is kind of what we are encouraging in this doesn't pay to be honest because the rules almost encourage dishonesty....anyway this a very long and boring rant and ill keep it short but you get the idea im having a bad week.......its weeks like this i really wish i had gone for dream job as prime minister... DONT ASK!!!!!!!