Monday, 18 October 2010

So it is a new week and i am thankful to say already it appears more positive than last week. I kind of decided that i would knuckle down with some errands and house work and keep away from people to give myself some time out. Ironically as driving around this morning i was caught by a friend who invited me to join her for coffee. It is funny how that happens sometimes it's almost like a test and as soon as you have resigned yourself to go without something the very thing you wanted comes your my day's in the church we would have called it a God thing.......either way i like it!!! So a much needed chat was had and i told my dear friend of all the happening's this last week. She has to be the least judgmental person i know and always seems to know what to say so i felt a whole lot better and my faith in friendship is once again restored......i was supposed to go for my weekly shop but another friend walked into the cafe and we did a swap as i carried on a chat with the next friend. i never did get to do the weekly shop and when i returned home another friend came around. I now feel completely exhausted from all the be careful what you hope for because it might come in a tidal wave........


Keepapi Creative said...

lovely lovely friends! You can't beat that connection when you've had a hard time. Maybe the shopping can be done online with your feet up! Glad you are feeling happier about the week ahead! Jacs x

angela said...

beautiful blog...pls visit mine and follower...tranks and god bless.

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