Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Why is it that i have this overwhelming feeling of boredom.....i think it is because my focus for Christmas day has gone and NOW WHAT! it really is a horrible feeling and worst of all i feel so ungrateful. We have had such a prosperous Christmas and we have so much. The children are happy they are running around the house playing such lovely games. I think i need a project! Steve suggested last night that i fixed the curtains in the boys room that are literally hanging on by one hook i mean we seriously look like we are squatters. Well that sounds like a really dull project don't you think?I received a magimix for Christmas and i keep staring at it trying to think of something interesting to do with it.

on a lighter note i am drooling over this wrapping station by Martha Stewart it is divine

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Here are some pictures of the peppermint bark i mentioned in a previous post. you can find

the recipe on soulemama..i cannot recommend it enough ,it is so good. One drawback is the expense, if you want to use quality chocolate then it will cost but if you try to ration it then it's maybe not so bad(yeah right) This time around i have sprinkled crushed sweets and on the other roasted crushed hazelnuts so every one's tastes should be satisfied....

Sunday, 19 December 2010

I am currently working on a wedding quilt for my brother in law and this is the story so far....i don't find it particularly enjoyable to make it is pretty dull once you have chosen the fabrics but I'm quickly seeing the end and i can't wait to give it to them on boxing day.I chose a very thick wadding so it is really a winter quilt which is perfect for our current climate and as they are coming back from a honeymoon in Thailand they should hopefully really appreciate it.

I just had to share with you the view from our front window it is simply perfect and only lacks a horse and cart to finish off the Christmas card look.
I have been very busy making these past few day's but allot of the stuff is not really that great for photo's like some fleecy joggers for my eldest son he just loves to hang around in them.I am making some extremely pink ones for flo which may be a little more appealing.
So it should be a very bust couple of day's while we run up to the big day, i plan on making some fudge and a little or maybe allot of the peppermint bark which is completely divine (recipe found through soulemama)i think i may have eaten nearly the whole batch i made this week myself(ooops)

Sunday, 12 December 2010

i know i know everyone shows pics of the recent weather but i can't resist.....i don't ever remember seeing such beautiful frost.

And this is my beautiful daughters getting ready for my brother in laws wedding.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

So i survived one more birthday party and poor old Flo did her best but she was pretty pale throughout. All the craft activities went well and the girls were very proud of their gnomes and cupcakes. I completely forgot the jelly and the birthday cake but I'm pretty sure they didn't notice....

Now I'm back to sewing stuff that i like which is clothes for Flo.

While i remember I went to a Craft market in Exeter today and found a real jem of a stall please check this site out but if you do get the chance to come to Exeter i think she is here on the late night shopping days. The stuffshe sells is gorgeous and unashamedly bright.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

it's all about PINK....

So tommorow we are celebrating Flo's birthday....unfortunatly she has had a temperature today so i have been nervously getting things prepared hoping she will be ok . It is going to be a craft party and we will be decourating princess crowns, stuffing gnomes and making lots of mess with cup cakes......golly how fun!