Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Why is it that i have this overwhelming feeling of boredom.....i think it is because my focus for Christmas day has gone and NOW WHAT! it really is a horrible feeling and worst of all i feel so ungrateful. We have had such a prosperous Christmas and we have so much. The children are happy they are running around the house playing such lovely games. I think i need a project! Steve suggested last night that i fixed the curtains in the boys room that are literally hanging on by one hook i mean we seriously look like we are squatters. Well that sounds like a really dull project don't you think?I received a magimix for Christmas and i keep staring at it trying to think of something interesting to do with it.

on a lighter note i am drooling over this wrapping station by Martha Stewart it is divine


Sabrina said...

I feel kind of lost too--I had so much to do and now it's a flatline--where to go from here? I agree that you need a more interesting project than CURTAINS...bleh. :)

Marilyn said...

I know what you mean!!!! I am cleaning out cupboards and vacuuming cobwebs. It's horrible to feel without a goal or deadline! I've been working on my quilting but I need a kick in the pants. I'm so bored! I'm enjoying your mommy though! I need to get me one of those wrapping stations! Very cool!