Monday, 10 January 2011

I am trying a few new recipes this week or at least different ways of doing something. Firstly a chocolate cake called Ho ho ho cake which is super rich but sure went down well with the kids found on i would limit the frosting to one layer it really doesn't need the extra.
We have a little tradition in this House of afternoon tea on Sunday's which for the most part Carries on week to week only to be interrupted by holidays where everything goes to pot. This week I tried the Ho ho ho cake along with a great recipe for banana bread which doesn't come out stodgy. This can be common problem in banana cake.

I have to add that this cake looks very wobbly due to my impatience. I just couldn't wait for it to cool to put the icing on therefore it sunk and melted all over the place.

Tonight i am trying a new technique of making porridge for the morning. I am using my crocpot or slow cooker. I got the idea off and it sounds like a brain wave as i dislike standing around waiting for porridge to cook in the morning. Another advantage is that it will soak over night while cooking and that is supposed to benefit it nutritionally. So hopefully i won't wake up to a load of crispy porridge stuck to the side of the pan that will take weeks to clean.