Friday, 25 February 2011

moving on...or NOT as the case may be!

because that is of coarse all that one can do, right? so here i am dusting myself off and starting again. I am trying to see what is in front of me again instead of staring through the kids when they talk to me preoccupied with my own thoughts. I am trying to look and listen, that sounds simple but i can assure you its not. I have begun once again to stare at the space we have seeing different options I may have missed. I am trying to be grateful, yet another quality I don't possess. As I keep being reminded we have so much and lots to be grateful for( gritting my teeth now) These are a few shots of what has been good today!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

I have got to the stage when I am so fed up with talking about my house situation I am boring myself. I feel bad talking it over with close friends because they are too nice to tell me I am crazy and need to move on from this debate.....but that is ultimately the question????? shall we stay or should we go?? We live in the most adorable village, I honestly can't fault it and we have friends here. But our home is just not big enough or easy to live in with five children. We just cant find anything locally that is affordable and big enough. I visited a house today that is truly perfect. It has been completely renovated and has ample room for us and we could even have guests...the problem is it's nowhere near our lovely village. Well i guess its all relative..if we lived in America it would be "in the neighbourhood".....but we don't..I have this dream for our family...for space and light. But maybe this is for me not for them? i just cant find a clear answer in my head or from my discussions with friends. In the meantime I don't feel like sewing or much else for that matter...So for now it's all quiet on the blogging front.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

so we gave in...and dove in at the deep end x 2 they are adorable and very loved.....