Thursday, 10 February 2011

I have got to the stage when I am so fed up with talking about my house situation I am boring myself. I feel bad talking it over with close friends because they are too nice to tell me I am crazy and need to move on from this debate.....but that is ultimately the question????? shall we stay or should we go?? We live in the most adorable village, I honestly can't fault it and we have friends here. But our home is just not big enough or easy to live in with five children. We just cant find anything locally that is affordable and big enough. I visited a house today that is truly perfect. It has been completely renovated and has ample room for us and we could even have guests...the problem is it's nowhere near our lovely village. Well i guess its all relative..if we lived in America it would be "in the neighbourhood".....but we don't..I have this dream for our family...for space and light. But maybe this is for me not for them? i just cant find a clear answer in my head or from my discussions with friends. In the meantime I don't feel like sewing or much else for that matter...So for now it's all quiet on the blogging front.


Marilyn said...

Oh boy! I know how you feel. Your mom has heard it all from me too! Australia or NZ? Canada or Australia? I just wish I could have a house of my own. If we went to and land? I am tired of my own thoughts. It's hard when you're the mom and it all comes down to you. You make it happen. You hold the final decision. I get it!

Helmbunch said...

Dear Martha,
You don't know me, but I have been following your blog for over a year. I live in America and have 6 children. We have moved all over the United States, following my husband and his work--renting tiny, small places. Five years ago, we moved once again and I longed for a home of my own. My husband and I talked about it and made ourselves insane it seemed. Then in the back of my head I could hear my grnadmother saying "Cheryl, when you sit in a quiet place, and quiet your thoughts, what does your heart tell you." We bought the house. Sometimes your soul needs light and place. You are an amazing woman. It is hard to think of you as sad. I hope it isn't too presumptous of me to write, however I wanted you to know that you are a wonderful woman, and that the answers are there inside you. Good luck!

janzi said...

Well, I do know how you feel, I live in UK and reared five wonderful kids who are all grown up now with children of their own.. its hard work, but oh so worth it, so hang on in there... how is the new house going>? have you moved now.. I have you connected to my blog, so look forward to catching up with your latest exploits, have a great week and a very lovely day today despite the cold and frost! J