Monday, 30 May 2011 thats a tough one! i have one unfinished upstairs in a box and no intention of finishing it due to how difficult it is to finish... I like the idea and the look of them how can u not?

Just recently i cam across a great idea called "quilt as you go" im telling you this is the coolest thing.

I found some great tutorials on you tube and picked it up very quickly. In fact I couldn't resist starting one at 9pm and I had completed on 14inch square by 9.45...its that easy and as you quilt as you go that takes all the stress of doing that afterwards.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

It has been a very long time since my oldest daughter Israel has had her own room...Too long really. So a couple of months ago we gave one to her and she really was ready to value it. I thought it was high time to decourate it fit for a growing girl. This can be a tricky thing as teenagers have their own style and they don't always know themselves what it is. We decided to base the room around a bed head my mum painted many years ago which was promised to Israel when she was young. The only thing Israel chose was the wall paint and the rest was down to me and a suprise until today.

This canvas has been covered in strips of ribbon and has buttons sewn on to keep them in place.

The throw is a lovely fluffy fake fur in a plum colour.

The floors have been painted a crisp white.

The duvet and pillows are made from liberty fabric and are like soft silk.

Friday, 6 May 2011

A special day to remember how special it is when two people are in love and what an infectious effect it has on a nation.

A special day to play silly games with long rope and pull until you collapse.

A special day to have your face painted and then smudge it all over your special clothes.

It was special to be around family from near and far, to be around friends and have a great big "LOVE UP"