Saturday, 27 August 2011


I was hoping and planning to post regularly this summer but it has all gone to custard due to my phone breaking and then the lap top so ill have to jumble all the news up together..

two weeks in to the holidays and it was going ok...the weather made it alot easier. We had freshly laid turf in the garden that couldn't be touched for two weeks, now that is tough when the sun is shining. The kids seemed happy enough to play with toys and go out for a hot chocolate every couple of days.

After two weeks me and Israel were ready for some time away from the little one's so we headed off to Soul Survivor for five days. Boy did we have a good time it was restful and there was plenty of time to enjoy the peace and quiet we needed. On returning home i was ready to read some good books and start some sewing project's.Florence doesn't really need any more clothes but i cant seem to stop myself making them anyway. I copied a shirt that fitted her well and made a few adjustments. I am very pleased with the result and thankfully so is she.