Sunday, 18 September 2011

This week has been a dissaster!,knowbody has died, we havn't gone bankrupt, I didn't dye all the whites pink....but by the state of my mood one could be mistaken for thinking all these things had happened. The reason for the dissaster you ask? Well somebody (yet to admit) put the bread flour in the self-raising tin and vis versa...For anyone who knows me, cakes that don't rise and soggy bread is by far worse than bankrupsy. To make things worse I proudly gave some carrot cake to our neighbours who are without a kitchen....when I

tasted them later on they were like bread pudding....OH THE SHAME...
Last night after recovering from the rage of this discovery I simply had to get straight to work in the kitchen and make sure I hadn't lost my touch. I am now the proud owner of a batch of perfect cupcakes..YEAH !
It has got me to thinking. Should something this small have such a big effect on me? I have been questioning over the past year the role as housewife without children at home through the day. I certailny haven't come to any conclusions but one thing I know for sure. This role as housewife is of great importance to me! For as long as there are people to bake for I will be doing it.
What worrry's me most is what happens when there is knowone to bake for? but hey that's years away right? ...gulp, martha x