Thursday, 22 December 2011

a special day

It's funny how most blogs shut down around Christmas day and I, on the other hand, am here. It is probably because it's a day when I sit down and do allot of nothing. The chicken is in the oven and the veg are cut so what else is there to do but chill out and watch my hubby crash over and over at formula 1 on the x box. I have found this year quite tricky as I have been distracted by our up coming move. I also felt the pressure of getting the right gifts for the kids and had a mad panic last night as i realised that one child only had one gift in his stocking..there was a mad panic and lets say with no other options available he now has a major stash of sweets. We were lucky enough to be woken at 7am which is a lie in for our standards. Although all through the night i was worrying about one child not being able to sleep due to excitement and could I sneak his stocking in without disturbing him...i did attempt it at three in the morning with no success. We are alone this year which I find very sad but at the same time It Is busy enough already. Only one child has actually admitted to being disappointed with our choices and I find that very upsetting but I guess It Is inevitable once in a while. My wish for this year was to try and teach the children more gratefulness and not be distracted by the desire for stuff.
i have a great tip for all you mums out there.....This year I put each child's presents in a separate basket so they would know exactly how many they had and so to avoid the" is that it " issue...It did work really well. I hope that you day is relaxing and full of family love......because that is after all the greatest gift...