Wednesday, 24 October 2012

                                                         "Bake with others in mind"
This is a phrase I just stole from she is doing a great series on hospitality. This has been a very extensive series and she explores hospitality in many more ways than I could
have imagined but I am loving what she has to say. I have recently been part of a group of ladies providing evening meals for a family going through a really tough time. It has been a complete privileged to be part of it and I have loved the connection and simple reward of feeding people who need it. This phrase "bake with others in mind" is something I would like to have hanging on my kitchen wall because it sums up perfectly how I feel about food. Next time you bake, make an extra batch for a friend.....

Friday, 12 October 2012


OK i have noooo excuse, completely guilty! its been a crazy summer and posting photos on facebook was easier..
There are a few projects I'm working on, one of them being a pine dresser, its a cheap pine dresser that needed an update for a while. I had this little fantasy..Steve takes a week off and decided to do loads of projects around the house. Yeah well i think we can safely say that fantasy will NOT get brought to life anytime soon. So after much deliberation i decided to do it myself. I first did a little Farrow and Ball browsing to see what was the best colour for the dresser and discovered a great site called Modern Country Style. You must check it out she does so much research and there are plenty of pics. I went and did something completely unlike me and actually prepared the furniture before i even looked for colours!!!!! this is a huge improvement for me cos usually i cannot wait long enough for anything and very,very rarely  do things properly. I used a paint stripper all over the dresser and then used wire wool to scrub it down and even after that it looked so much better. I had to paint TWO coats of primer/undercoat after that......YAWN....horrid,horrid preparation....if i ruled the world we wouldn't have to prepare anything....come on, you know you want me to rule the world?????imagine NOT having to turn over the soil before planting veg....ah bliss....
OK now i must bow down to all the genius people who do interior design because i reckon i would have to buy every tester pot in production and build a very large wall or something. These colours are NEVER the same colour as they are on the tin and i mean NEVER.....its a scarey place people and u don't want to go their. I was lucky, i managed to escape with just buying four but there are people who never end up recovering from the choosing process. Warm,cold neutral......AAARRGGGGG.
At this stage I am committing to "Stony Ground" ,,honestly i will absolutely not change my mind again...maybe.

so this is the dresser of the new improved to follow.......

Friday, 11 May 2012

I luv devon in the spring....the faint hint of blue among the grass....its the only chance the ground gets to enjoy the sunlight before the leaves fill the trees.

Friday, 2 March 2012

i bought this curtain fabric for the last house an i am so glad i didn't use it and waited instead. I also bought this matching oilcloth which really is a perfect match. As i was finishing the curtains, the sun poured into this room all day and it was such a joy, i couldn't have be more grateful. I have ambitious plans for this dresser involving a whole lot of scrubbing and a shed load of paint. I am thinking maybe a taupe colour similar to these curtains. Lets hope the sunshine continues and maybe this dresser won't be too far behind.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

makin do

So its been a couple of months and I'm starting to itch with the lack of progress around my kitchen. It's yet another lesson in patience for me. .So i have done what i always do, improvise. I had a coffee table hanging around the house and two ikea chopping stations. I was thinking i could raise the height of the coffee table with new legs and put it together with the chopping tables

. I am in real need of some work space and at some point the dining table will come into the kitchen for a really good work space for me and i like the idea of keeping me eyes on the kids when they are crafting. So while we save up for my dream table this may be just the thing.